Over the Counter (OTC) Exchange Platfrom

We focused on a very pragmatic modernist approach, intense contract documentation, and high speed response. Enable your institutional and high net worth clients to execute large block trades on hundreds of crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairs.

High Volume Txn

The OTC exchange works well carrying out high volume transactions effortlessly as soon as a request shows up.


You can choose to run as it is or use it to build more features.Order Queue 2.0Brand new algorithm that has been tweaked for OTC exchanges.

Single Point Dashboard ™

Our slick new UI that is designed with data-rich interfaces in mind. It's all about making complex data presentable in a simple and understandable format.

Admin Panel

Easily manage all the key aspects of the exchange using the admin panel. All in one place.

Simple UI

The OTC exchange script features an easy to use interface that will make it easier for your users to trade efficiently. Manage settlement with an intuitive interface, and record pre-arranged trades as paired orders.

Robust API

Using the API layer, you can build more features on your exchange or build a Blockchain powered Dapp using the OTC exchange. Access over 100 coins and every major protocol.

How We Do

Work process

How does the OTC Exchange work?
A user would sign up for an account on the OTC exchange, To begin the trade they would have to deposit fiat currency into the administrator's account. This process is manual and offline, Once the account is verified and approved, they can start deposit the money to the bank account mentioned on the deposit page, the user would then have to submit their proof of transaction with the transaction ID, so the administrator can track and validate the transaction. Only then the user can start trading with the amount available in their wallet.
How to Buy and Sell on the Over the Counter (OTC) exchange?
Before you purchase a Cryptocurrency on the Over the Counter (OTC) exchange, you would need to deposit fiat currency in the Fiat currency Wallet. Whenever an amount is deposited, it would be sent to the site's admin wallet and the amount will reflect in the user account's fiat wallet.
SELLING on OTC Exchange
When a user sells their cryptocurrency, they would get fiat currency for it in the OTC exchange. The price of it is determined through the Cryptocompare's API and as the admin, you have the option to add a percentage above it individually for Buying and Selling of these cryptocurrencies.

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