Advanced Digital Securities Issuance & Managment Platform.

Securitief DSIMP is the most secure and cutting-edge full-stack securities issuance and management platform software as a service for the life-cycle management of digital securities offerings, including digital securities creation, configuration, capital raise, digital securities distribution and post-distribution activities such as redemption, dividend payouts, asset governance, auditing, reporting, investor administration, communications and additional add-on services.


Regulatory Compliance Management Module is designed to support regulatory compliance teams to comply with immediate regulatory challenges easily and efficiently, whilst future-proofing against continually evolving or newly introduced regulations.The module is built on an open API enabling 3rd party integration.

Revenue / Expense Ledger

Regulatory agencies or Investors may require audited financials and operational process in the company. These reports would need to be maintained, submitted, and disclosed on a regular basis for your investors subscribing to your digital securities on all your expenditure, revenue tracking… we made it seamless.

Shareholder Rights / Governance

As part of running an effective digital securities offering and a company, you would have the option to give timely notifications to the investors about your company plans and allow Investors holding your securities voting rights on certain decisions you and your board make in the company.

Communication Suite

An exclusive communications suite module for you to announce and broadcast anything to your subscribers and investors through Email and SMS messages. Will reach them directly via. their Dashboard and Module is built on open API enabling 3rd party integration.

Accounting / Audits

DSIMP has a full financial suite which provides transparency to all investors. Ares Systems also works with external top accounting and auditors firms and provides third-party services for vehicle tax structuring and jurisdictional recommendations.

Dividend Automatic Payment Schedule

Your investors will get paid on a pre-fixed date for owning your Digital Securities. You can set payment schedule ( Ex: Quarterly ie. 4 times per year ). You can set the Dividend amount ( Ex: an annual dividend of 10 cents per Digital Securities. Which means you will need to pay one-fourth of 10 cents each quarter ie. 2.5 cents per shareholder for each Digital Securities he holds ). Based on your configuration, the list of payees will show up each quarter. You can send out the dividend to respective investors on a click. he platform is architected to automatically deposit the dividends to the eligible investors
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Digital Securities Issuance Platform


Access global capital with high standards-compliant measures.
Add value with instant settlement & fractional ownership.
Eliminate middlemen, save time & money.

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Securitief + Amazon Web Services

Secure Team Collaboration on a Scalable, Reliable Cloud Platform and the industry’s strongest security and encryption model

Securitief + Digital Stock Exchange of Mauritius

Securitief Collaboration with Digital StockExchange of Mauritius to list Securities on the Exchange.